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Spectral range of materials  Glass 335-2500nm Quartz 190-2700nm Infrasil 220-3800nm  Matching charge is £3.40 per cell

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Matched cells are £3.40 for each cell

Micro cells Type 18 and 18B self masking black quartz cells
(the liquid width of these cells is 2mm)

Micro spectrophotometer cells ( Beam width 2mm)

All cells are available in Glass, Quartz, and Infrasil
Cell TypePath/LWidthHeightGlass
G Price
Part No.Quartz
Q Price
Part No.Infrasil
I Price
Part No.Capacity
Type 185mm12.5mm45mmN/AN/A88.00T18-Q-594.90T18-I-50.35ml
Type 1810mm12.5mm45mmN/AN/A72.90T18-Q-1079.40T18-I-100.7ml
Type 1820mm12.5mm45mmN/AN/A109.20T18-Q-20116.00T18-I-201.4ml
Type 1840mm12.5mm45mmN/AN/A137.50T18-Q-40144.60T18-I-402.8ml
Type 1850mm12.5mm45mmN/AN/A151.60T18-Q-50158.30T18-I-503.5ml
Type 18B5mm12.546mmN/AN/A150.70T18B-Q-5159.00T18B-I-50.35ml
Type 18B10mm12.5mm45mmN/AN/A120.30T18B-Q-10142.30T18B-I-100.7ml