Author: Spectronic CamSpec Ltd

Spectronic CamSpec Launches New Website

Spectronic CamSpec Ltd, a leading analytical instrument supplier, are delighted to announce the launch of their modern new website. After months of hard work, the creative and interactive new website has finally been launched.  Spectronic CamSpec’s goal with the new website is to provide visitors with a seamless experience when gathering information on their products, […]

Spectronic Supply Spectrophotometer to Tissuemed

Tissuemed, a manufacturer of surgical sealant films, was recently supplied with a CamSpec M550 spectrophotometer for use in quality control and research & development. Spectronic CamSpec spoke with Ian Thompson, Operations Director, to find out more about Tissuemed and how the instrument was working for them.

Exceedingly Good Texture Analysis

At Premier Foods’ cake factory in South Yorkshire where the nation’s favourite Mr Kipling cakes are made, Teresa Cruces from the Research and Development team uses Spectronic CamSpec’s TMS-Pro Food Texture Analyser.

CamSpec M550 Supplied for COVID-19 Research

A CamSpec M550 spectrophotometer is being employed at the Clinical Bio Manufacturing Facility, Jenner Institute, Oxford University for research into the COVID-19 vaccination.

Spectronic Supplies to National Horizons Super Lab

Super Lab Supplied with CamSpec M501 Spectrophotometers In September 2019, Teesside University opens a brand new, purpose built super-lab, ‘National Horizons,’ to their students. Critical research will be carried out daily here as the country’s promising young scientists work towards their qualifications and degrees.  This is a huge step forward for scientific education and will […]

Measuring Colour and Bitterness of Beer

Beer is enjoyed all over the globe as a refreshing alcoholic beverage and has a vast and diverse market.  In recent years, craft beers have risen to popularity and are recognised by their distinctive colours and flavours.  Although sensory analysis by a taste panel is essential to understanding the individual characteristics of a beer, a UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be employed to measure the consistent quality of the product.

Easy Peasy Pea Testing With the TU Tenderometer

Pea season is fast approaching this year and the all pea fields are being sowed. In the summer they will be harvested and shipped to new homes in Birdseye bags, Cup-a-Soups and grandmas’ freezers all over the country. But how do they get there? How do we decide which peas are best – peafect colour, shape, taste – and which ones should be mushy peas…?

Spectrophotometer Care Tips

Spectrophotometer care is an important part of using a spectrophotometer. They are expensive pieces of kit that can function perfectly for many years – if you look after them correctly.