Bettix turns to Spectronic CamSpec for latest investment

March 8, 2017

Bettix Ltd, a market innovator in dispensing and dosing bottles, has once again turned to Spectronic Camspec for its latest investment in laboratory equipment with the purchase of a new FTIR spectrophotometer.

Our 200X FTIR spectrophotometer is the latest in a series of orders which Spectronic Camspec has supplied to Bettix to assist product testing of their fluorination barrier treatment process which is widely used in various markets, including horticulture, animal health, herbal supplements, fuel additives, pond/aquarium treatments, industrial and domestic cleaning, and more recently elastomer surface friction reduction (further information is available at The 200X is unique both in terms of optical design and the software and firmware specifically developed to significantly reduce overall analytical times and ensure high performance. It is highly cost-effective and regarded as one of the most compact and versatile infrared FTIR spectrophotometers currently available on the market.

Martin Hearne, Technical Manager at Bettix, said: “I purchased my new FTIR Spectrophotometer from Spectronic Camspec because I know from experience their after-sales service and support is good enough to make a competitive quote feel like a bargain. I have been a customer of Spectronic Camspec for quite a few years now and my earliest memory of them was that they were unconditionally helpful and supportive. Over the years they have made me feel that the business I put their way is really important to them and nothing seems like too much trouble, even when I am not spending money. I understand that this is just the good customer relations that should be at the centre of any successful business model – but they are very good at it.”

Spectronic Camspec has become a major name in specialist laboratory instrumentation and consumables across a wide range of sectors with comprehensive range of products which also includes UV/VIS spectrophotometers, mercury analysers, polarimeters, refractometers, flame photometers and a wide selection of electrochemical instrumentation. The company is now the UK’s largest independent laboratory sales and service organisation and sole UK agents to a number of global brands. Spectronic Camspec also provides comprehensive servicing support with repairs and preventative maintenance for a wide range of equipment.