Potato (Diced) Firmness Testing


Understanding the effects of the cooking process on texture is essential to most products that are cooked. As most diced potato products are somewhat cooked prior to the final preparation by the consumer, it is important for the manufacturer to able to measure and control this step.

Using the Kramer shear cell, multiple pieces of food samples are able to be tested at the same time in bulk. This generally produces results that are more consistent as they take into account more of the variation in the product. At the conclusion of each test replication, the software calculates the force that is needed to both compress and shear through the product.

This can be correlated to variances in cooking parameters and give the producers a more complete understanding of how changes can affect the final consumer product.



Variation in texture and consistency of cooked potato from internal and external suppliers. Potato was either too hard and icy or too soft and crumbly.


Kramer shear cell was used to measure representative sample from each batch of potato.

  • High and low tolerances established in conjunction with sensory analysis
  • Cooking optimised between suppliers and variety
  • Quality standards set for good and bad product




  • Consistent production
  • Reduced customer complaints due to under or overcooked potato


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