Flame Photometers


Ready to use straight out of the box, this general purpose flame photometer was designed from the ground up using new, innovative and modern technology to give unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability.

XP Flame Photometer

Award winning 5 channel instrument.  Since 2006 the XP has been the flagship model and is used by delighted customers around the world.



XP Plus Flame Photometer

Award winning 4 channel instrument.  Growing on the award winning XP platform the XP plus brings together the great benefits found through our range of industry specific instruments.



BIO Flame Photometer

For biological applications.  A specialist flame photometer for use with biological samples and special built in features for the analysis of blood and urine.



BIO AV Flame Photometer

For biological applications. An offshoot of the BIO with specialised hardware software and firmware built into the instrumentation



NUCLEAR Flame Photometer

Online, four channel Lithium detection. The measurement of low concentrations of lithium has resulted in the most accurate multi channel instrument for analysis of lithium.



Reliable and accurate analysis of all four atoms of interest. This powerful and growing global industry now has the attending facilities for Synthetic Fuels or Bio-Fuels production.



SUGAR Flame Photometer

Redefining Sugar refining from beet or cane. Measurement of potassium in sugar via flame photometry has been a long established technique dating back to the 1970's.



SOIL Flame Photometer

Highly accurate and cost effective analysis in the lab or 'on the road.' The SOIL is the first instrument of its kind optimised for the agricultural industry.



The most accurate lithium flame photometer. Our flame photometers have always been renowned for a highly stable and accurate lithium measurement.



This flame photometer is a game-changer in what is possible with a low temperature flame. Great if you're looking for a flame photometer to perform specifically for your needs.


Flame Photometer Extras

Simple, robust & reliable Automated Fluid Handling System that works seamlessly with our range of flame photometers.


The FP-PC app provides a useful interface to the flame photometer (FP) facilitating many operations.