Food Texture Analyser General Probe Kit


General Probe Kit


FTC has collected a versatile set of probes for a range of general texture testing methods, available in a portable carry case.

The kit contains commonly used cylinders, cones and ball probes, in several sizes, plus a needle probe. This selection enables compression, extrusion, penetration/puncture, tension (adhesion) methods to be applied.

Additionally, the Perspex knife edge adds the capability to shear samples to provide the ability to perform a variety of texture tests.

PART NUMBER: 432-056
(This kit formerly had part number TA-P-KIT2)




  • CYLINDERS: 38.1mm (432-058); 25.4mm (432-057); 12.7mm BS (432-059); 10mm (432-066); 6mm (432-070); 2mm (432-076)
  • CONES: 90 degree (432-079); 60 degree (432-080); 45 degree (432-081); 30 degree (432-083)
  • BALLS: 25.4mm (432-088); 12.7mm (432-089)
  • MISC: 2mm Needle (432-087); Perspex Knife Edge (432-018)




  • Gel strength
  • Firmness of dough
  • Firmness of guacamole or spreads
  • Cutting resistance of bakery items
  • Bite strength requirements of confectionery
  • Crush resistance of scones, biscuits, etc.
  • Augment your testing with any of FTC's more specialised probe fixtures here.