InfraLUM FT08 FTIR Spectrometer


The new FT mid-IR spectrometer InfraLUM FT-08 has been designed based on extensive R&D and expertise in the IR spectroscopy (infrared spectroscopy).

This multipurpose and easy-to-operate instrument provides a well suited option for various analytical laboratories.

The high-quality misalignment-proof optics, high-sensitivity DLATGS detector, and a wide variety of accessories ensure the users’ absolute confidence in the high accuracy of the measurement data and make it an ideal tool for routine measurements at low inventory investment and running costs.

The instrument is operated by SpectraLUM software run under Windows environment, which provides simple control and allows even unskilled personnel to easily master the instrument operation.

All major functions, such as peak identification, derivative quantification, quantitative calibrations creation, etc., can easily be performed with SpectraLUM software. Library search module allows to plug spectra libraries and to create own user’s libraries.

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Features and Benefits

  • Patented high-quality misalignment-proof Double Cat’s Eye interferometer
  • Hermetically sealed optical compartment with the automated moisture monitoring system
  • High-sensitivity DLATGS detector
  • Advanced radiation source with extended service life
  • Built-in smart total self-diagnostics system
  • Innovative ergonomic design of the spectrometer housing that provides best convenience for the operator
  • Large sample compartment 230 X 240 X 180mm
  • Wide variety of accessories, include complete line of compatible PIKE Technologies optical FTIR accessories
  • Intuitive comprehensible software with integrated calibration module & library search module
  • Automatic validation system of the spectrometer
  • Remote diagnostics of the spectrometer

Application Examples


Chemical industry

Identification of unknown chemical substances;

Determination of raw material purity;

Determination of fractional composition;

Functional and structural-functional analysis;

Determination of Water in Liquid Chlorine (ASTM E1754-17a);

Testing the composition of polymer films and coatings (ASTM D2124-99(2011), ASTM D2238-92(2012), ASTM D3124-98(2011), ASTM D3594-93(2013), ASTM D4660−12, ASTM D5576-00(2013), ASTM D5594-98(2012), ASTM D6248-98 (2012), ASTM D6645-01(2010), ASTM D8036−16, ASTM F2778-09(2015), ASTM F2102−13);

Testing the composition of rubber (ASTM D2702 - 05(2016), ASTM D3677-10(2015), ASTM D3900-15, ASTM D5670-95(2014), ASTM D6047−15, ISO 4650:2012);

Qualitative Classification of Surfactants ASTM D2357-11(2016).


Forensic investigations

Identification of impurities and trace amounts of substances.


Pharmaceutical industry

Determination of the authenticity of medicine preparations using IR reference standards;

Quality control of medicine preparations using IR reference standards;

Quality assurance of organic raw materials.


Oil and gas industry

Determination of the composition of natural gas and gas industry products;

Identification of unknown chemical substances;

Determination of crude oil and gas purity;

Determination of fractional composition;

Functional and structural-functional analysis;

Examination of electrical insulating oils (DIN IEC 60590:1986-09, D2144 - 07 (2013), D2668 − 07 (2013));

Condition Monitoring of Lubricants (ASTM D7214 − 07a (2012), ASTM D7412 − 09, ASTM D7414 − 09, ASTM D7415 − 09, ASTM D7624-10, ASTM D7844-12, ASTM D7889 − 13, ASTM E2412 – 10);

Determination of benzene in gasoline (DIN EN 238:2004, ASTM D4053-04(2009), ASTM D6277 – 07);

Determination of oxygenates in Gasoline (ASTM D5845 - 01(2016);

Biofuel analysis (concentration of FAME) (EN 14078:2014, ASTM D7371-14, ASTM D7806−12).


Ecological and sanitary monitoring

Detection of the presence of ozone-destructing substances;

Measuring the content of petroleum hydrocarbons in water (ASTM D3921–96(2003), ASTM D7066−04(2011));

Measurement of Respirable Crystalline Silica in Workplace Air (ASTM D7948-14e1).

Principle of Operation

Based on measuring IR spectra using Fourier transform technique.


Equipment and Optional Extras

  • InfraLUM FT-08 FT mid-IR spectrometer;
  • SpectraLUM software package;
  • Set of measuring cells, accessories and spectra libraries (on Customer request).

Technical Specifications

Spectral range8000-350 cm-1 (KBr optics)

8000-500 cm-1 (ZnSe optics)
Wavenumber repeatability0.01 cm-1
Variable resolution64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, 0.5 cm-1
RMS signal-to-noise ratio >60000 (4 cm-1, 1 min)
Stability of the 100% line, %0.2
Scanning speed0.8 s/scan at 16 cm-1 resolution
DetectorHigh resolution DLATGS
BeamsplitterGe-coated KBr (or ZnSe) in a hermetically sealed dessicated housing
Wavenumber accuracy±0.05 cm-1
InterfereometerVibration- and misalignment-proof patented
Double Cat’s Eye Interferometer
Radiation sourceHigh-intensity long-life stabilized ceramic IR radiation source
Power consumption65 W
Weight32 kg
Size 580x550x340 mm


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