Interspec 311 FTIR Spectrometer


Interspec 311 FTIR spectrometer provides high performance in a compact size and at an affordable price.

Combining flexible sample handling outside the instrument and Windows software, the Interspec 311 FTIR spectrometer is a great solution for industrial, government or academic labs.

It implements the same field-proven FTIR technology found on other Interspec FTIR models using pendulum type roof mirror interferometer.

The lightweight design and small footprint of the Interspec 311 FTIR spectrometer enables you to bring the spectrometer where you need answers most: from your busy laboratory to the production floor or in the warehouse.

With the wavenumber range from 7000 to 400 cm-1 (KBr optics) or from 5000 to 600 cm-1 (ZnSe optics) and spectral resolution of 2 cm-1, the spectrometer forms an open architecture type sample compartment outside the spectrometer capable to use different accessories for transmission, reflection and ATR measurements.

Open Architecture Type Sample Compartment

Open architecture type sample compartment allows to use accessories for transmission, reflection and ATR measurements.

The instrument delivers the spectral response of the light absorbed by materials for quantification, qualification or identification.

Interspecs unique features bring a new perspective to optical spectroscopy. The sensors are constructed from low cost, robust, permanently aligned, and highly reproducible components.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength range, IR7000 to 400 cm-1
Wavelength range, ZnSe5000 to 600 cm-1
Resolution2 cm-1
InterferometerPendulum type with roof mirrors
Beamsplitter, standard IRMulticoated KBr
Beamsplitter, option IRMulticoated ZnSe
Frequency referenceVCSEL laser
IR sourceceramic
Dessiccant possibilityYes
Data acquisition system24 bit, high speed
Power12 VDC, 30W
Dimensions, spectrometerW22xD21xH19 cm
Dimensions, sampling unitW8xD8xH5(16) cm
Footprint21×22 cm
Weight10 kg
Temp. environment15 – 28 0C
Humidity environmentBest below 65%

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