• UV-VIS Spectrophotometers

    The current Spectronic Camspec range of spectrophotometers now extends from four Low-cost Visible instruments, a simple to use UV-Vis intrument, a Single beam UV-Vis scanning and a Double Beam Scanning Research grade instrument. View our full range of UV-VIS Spectrophotometers
  • FTIR Spectrophotometers

    Our FTIR Spectrophotometer range offers a practical high performance compact solution to your laboratory analytical requirements. The 200x is the benchtop version of our top of the range FTIR the MINI 300 is easily adapted to special applications. Instruments are supported by Windows TM software View our full range of FTIR Spectrophotometers
  • Food Texture Analysers

    Food Texture Analysers allow Texture measurements normally reserved for the laboratory to be brought to the factory floor to instantly determine consistent standards within raw and finished product, saving time, resource and money. All systems include a load cell of your choice View our full range of Food Texture Analysers.
  • Mercury Analysers

    Mercury Analysers can be used in food, ecology, sanitary, medicine, petrochemical and geological-geochemical survey and more. Unique direct mercury determination (no pretreatment procedures required) in liquid and solid samples  p.p.b. level detection limits with superb stability View our full range of Mercury Analysers
  • Electrochemical Instruments

    Our electrochemical instruments are used to measure a wide range of parameters from pH, mv, ORP, conductivity, ION, D02, and Temperature which can be used in industrial, educational, hospital, pharmaceutical and field laboratories. View our full range of Electrochemical Instruments
  • Flame Photometer

    The Flame Photometer is a device used in inorganic chemical analysis to determine the concentration of certain metal ions including Sodium (Na) - Potassium (K) - Lithium (Li) - Calcium (Ca) - Barium (Ba). It is a controlled flame test with the intensity of the flame colour quantified by photoelectric circuitry. View our full range of Flame Photometers
  • Polarimeters

    Spectronic Polarimeters are made using a substantial aluminium casting and tough aluminium covers with excellent rigidity and strength. They are resistant to chemical attack and are highly stable instruments. View our full range of Polarimetres.
  • Refractometers

    Our extensive selection of economic refractometers are used in many industries such as food, fragrance, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and many other industries. They are used to make easy measurements. View our full range of Refractometers
  • Fluorimeters

    Our range of fluorimeters are used for biological analysis, in petrochemical, university research and hospital chemical pathology laboratories View our full range of Fluorimeters.