Food Texture Analyser Load Cells


Texture Analyser Load Cells

FTC's load cells and force transducers complement the texture analyser, measuring the forces exerted during the texture test procedure. Selecting the appropriate capacity in relation to the test loads, optimises accuracy. You will also need to select your load cell dependent upon the texture analyser model itself.

Intelligent Load Cells

The range of intelligent load cells (ILS) are designed for use with the TMS texture measurement systems. It is recommended that the capacity of the load cell matches the product tested. Ideally the forces measured should be within 10-90% of the load cells total capacity. The broad spectrum of products tested in a typical food laboratory often requires more than one load cell. To prevent confusion or damage the load cells are fitted with an automatic recognition feature to warn technologists if a selected test is not compatible with a load cell.

These load cells are either standard, or heavy-duty S-beam type.


Force Transducers

The FTC force transducer range fit the texture press and tenderometer systems and instruments.

The FTS-TU transducer is specifically calibrated to return values in tenderometer units (TU). Food Technology Corporation annually calibrates the paired CS-1-TU Kramer cell with the FTA-TU transducer for pea tenderness testing with an Tenderometer, to produce the TU Factor. This can be used to convert to pounds force and Newtons if required.


ILC Intelligent Load Cells for TMS Texture Measurement Systems

FTC Intelligent Load Cell Range

For the FTC Intelligent Load Cells range (which are digital) - see below

2N, 5N are special capacities.

879-009-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 2N (0.2 kg.F) specialTMS-loadcell
879-010-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 5N (0.5 kg.F) special
879-001-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 10N (1.0 kg.F)
879-002-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 25N (2.5 kg.F)
879-003-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 50N (5.1 kg.F)
879-004-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 100N (10.2 kg.F)
879-005-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 250N (25.5 kg.F)
879-006-V10TMS ILC LOAD CELL 500N (50.9 kg.F)
879-067-V10TMS ILC 'S' BEAM LOAD CELL 1000N (101.9 kg.F)S-Beam-loadcell
879-008-V10TMS ILC 'S' BEAM LOAD CELL 2500N (254.9 kg.F)

Force Transducers for FTC Texture Presses and Tenderometers

FTC FTA Range - Force Transducer (Analogue) load cells

Imperial units 

Imperial Units
532-201MODEL FTA-30 LOAD CELL +/- 30 lbf
532-202MODEL FTA-50 LOAD CELL +/- 50 lbf.
532-203MODEL FTA-100 LOAD CELL +/- 100 lbf.
532-204MODEL FTA-250 LOAD CELL +/- 250 lbf.
532-205MODEL FTA-1000 LOAD CELL +/- 1000 lbf.
532-206MODEL FTA-3000 LOAD CELL+/- 3000 lbf.
Metric Units (Intended for UK and EU)
532-201-MMODEL FTA-30M LOAD CELL +/- 130N
532-202-MMODEL FTA-50M LOAD CELL +/- 220N
532-203-MMODEL FTA-100M LOAD CELL +/- 440N
532-204-MMODEL FTA-250M LOAD CELL +/- 1.1kN
532-205-MMODEL FTA-1000M LOAD CELL +/- 4.4kN
532-206-MMODEL FTA-3000M LOAD CELL +/- 13kN
For Use With a Tenderometer
FTA-TUMODEL FTA-TU to be paired and calibrated with a Kramer Shear Cell to make up a Tenderometer Shear Kit.