Integrated color determination according to ISO 11664/CIE 15

With the Chroma software package, the M501 single beam spectrophotometer and M550 true double beam spectrophotometer can be controlled by a PC.  You can now determine the transmission and reflection properties of solids and liquids precisely according to ISO 11664/CIE 15. On the basis of these calculations the software will graphically display colour values according to Helmholtz and the CIELAB methods.  Chroma links measurement and evaluation with a powerful database in which all results are stored in an optimised structure.  The Chroma software ensures the traceability and complete documentation of all measurements to actively support you in implementing your quality standards.

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  • Direct control of the spectrophotometer with automatic data acquisitionChroma software for CIE analysis to ISO 11664/CIE 15
  • Graphic, interactive display of measurement results
  • Wide range of evaluation options
  • Integrated database with trend analysis
  • Special functions for measuring glass and plastic
  • Clear, intuitive user interface structured according to work processes

CamSpec M550M550 double beam spectrophotometer for ISO 11664/CIE 15

Our CamSpec M550 is a true double-beam scanning UV-Visible spectrophotometer with a fixed bandpass of 1.5 nm for measurements in the range from 190 to 1100 nm. The specification is as expected from a top-of-the-range instrument designed for research as well as routine use.


Both the CamSpec M550 and CamSpec M501 have a very easy-to-replace tungsten-halogen lamp and a pre-aligned long-life deuterium lamp.

Click here to view the Chroma-ILIS optical spectral analysis and color measurement PDF   

CamSpec M501    M501 single beam spectrophotometer for ISO 11664/CIE 15

An CamSpec M501 is a compact single-beam scanning UV-Visible spectrophotometer with either a 4 nm or a 2 nm fixed bandpass for measurements in the range from 190 to 1100 nm.




There are many accessories available for the CamSpec range including an integrating sphere for transmission, specular reflectance and diffuse reflectance measurements.  Six and Eight position automatic cell changers and cell holders capable of holding up to 100 mm path length cuvettes. The control panel is the same for both the M550 and the M501 spectrophotometers and includes Basic Mode (Abs, %T, Conc), Quantitative (concentration calibration curves), Wavelength Scanning, Kinetics (including time-drive), DNA/ Protein, Multi-Wavelength, and Performance Validation.