Matthew Brereton




Matthew Brereton
Sales & Service Engineer/Trainee Operations Director

Matthew joined Spectronic CamSpec in 2016 and trained as a service engineer, also taking on sales and export responsibilities later in his career. He is also training in running the business to prepare for when his father, managing director Mark, retires.

Direct email: [email protected]

Hear from Matthew

Hi! Iā€™m Matthew, and I mostly work in the technical department at Spectronic CamSpec, although am heavily involved in other parts of the business. Some of my responsibilities at Spectronic include:

  • Carry out routine service jobs
  • Prepare instruments and accessories that have been sold so that they are ready to be shipped from the office.
  • Dealing with customer queries.
  • Organising staff wages to be sent on to the accountant for payslips to be processed and then arranging payment of the salaries.
  • Attending monthly management review meetings and reporting on the business.
  • Dealing with any potential risks/oppurtunities to the business along with the managing director.


What does Matthew like do in his spare time?

I play golf (poorly) 1 or 2 times a week and go swimming a few times a week. On a weekend I like going out with my girlfriend and occassionally going to gigs and festivals.



3 things you like, and 1 thing you dislike?

I like all sorts of different music, playing golf and watching football. I dislike shopping!

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Best thing about working at Spectronic CamSpec?

It is my family business and it really gives me the extra motivation to work hard and continue on the good name of Spectronic. The business was originally set up by my grandad and then taken over by my dad so to be able to work in a company that I have grown up with is a real pleasure.



A Day in the Life of Matthew

My official start time is 8:30am however this can vary depending on where I am that day. I might need to set off earlier to reach customers in remote locations.

Most mornings that I'm in the office are spent clearing any queries or emails and catching up with other staff if I've not been in the office.

If I am out on the road then my morning mostly consists of driving to site. Once arriving, I check the instrument to ensure that it's working and then carry out the service of the instrument.

For lunch, I normally have a supermarket meal deal but sometimes treat myself to a McDonalds or KFC.

After lunch, if I'm in the office, my afternoon consists of preparing any instruments that need to be shipped and recalibrating any returned customer calibration filters. I also pick up and queries that have come in during the day and speak to customers to try and resolve any issues.

If I'm on site with a customer, I will post check any instruments that I am servicing that day and organise the paperwork. The customer will then sign off the instrument.

My finish time depends on where I have been on any given day. Sometimes I will be home for 4pm and some days I won't walk through the door untill after 9pm.

Get in touch...

You can reach Matthew directly at [email protected] for technical queries.

For other queries, our friendly and knowledgeable team are always willing to offer a helping hand.Ā  If you have any comments, queries or concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call!