The Light-915 Mercury analyser.

Mercury analyser Light 915The Light-915 Mercury Analyser is a compact instrument designed to address the problems of mercury pollution. In a workplace environment and sanitary control. As with all the other Lumex mercury analysers, the principle of measurement of the Light-915 is based on atomic absorption spectrometry with Zeeman background correction, which eliminates the effect of interfering impurities. It is the only instrument with high sensitivity and selectivity that enables direct real-time measurements (with response time 1 second). A built-in performance verification test cell and automatic zero check procedure makes operation of the Light-915 really simple.

Our instrument is compact, weighs just 3.3 kg, this provides full capabilities for field monitoring, i.e. 12 hr battery operation, telescopic probe, data logger, and bluetooth interface for remote control and data transfer.

The Light 915 mercury analyser is simple to operate. It is fully automated with built-in performance verification test cell and automatic zero check. It has a low detection limit and the highest selectivity as well as real-time operation mode for ai


Light-915 portable mercury analyzer system copes with any problems involving mercury pollution monitoring:

  • Emergency response to mercury spills
  • Verification of mercury spill clean-up
  • Occupational safety and hygiene applications
  • Workplace monitoring at the sites where mercury is handled
  • Fluorescent lamps disposal and recycling
  • Waste screening

Analyzer can be equipped with a PDA computer for wireless control and data transfer. Spare lamp module and battery may be supplied on request.


Light-915 analyzer is covered by 12-months limited warranty.


The Light-915 portable Zeeman mercury analyzer comes with data logging software, battery charger, shoulder bag, intake hose/probe, filters, cables, manuals.