P17 flat head combination pH electrode


P17 flat head combination pH electrode for agar, beer, blood, cosmetics, dairy, education, field use, fish products, meat, cheese, paint, surface, tris buffer, viscose samples.

• pH range: 0-14
• Connector: BNC other plugs are available
• EO point: +/-25mv (this is the voltage this electrode should give when in a 7pH buffer)
• Temp range: 0-80c
• Combination: Yes
• Body type: Epoxy
• Application: Surface measurements (paper, milk, agar and skin.
• Response time: <30 secs 95% FSD
• Ref Type: AgCl partial gel filled single junction
• Junction type: Porous Teflon
• Shaft length: 120mm
• Stem dia.: 12mm

Part Number: 117-75