Paul Wild




Paul Wild
Technical Manager

Paul joined Spectronic CamSpec in 1992 as a senior service engineer.  He became the technical manager in 2007. Paul's knowledge of the instrument range is unsurpassed.

Direct email: [email protected]

Hear from Paul

Hi! I’m Paul, and I oversee the technical department at Spectronic CamSpec. If you have any technical queries, I'm your man! Some of my responsibilities at Spectronic include:

  • Keeping up with the annual service contracts which keeps our customer’s instruments in tip-top condition
  • Checking, testing and evaluating all products before they are supplied to customers (UK and International)
  • Answering emergency call outs for instrument breakdowns in the UK
  • Assisting international distributors with diagnosing and fault-finding via Microsoft Teams/Zoom
  • Continually updating instrument manuals
  • Updating the certified reference materials for calibrating customer’s instrumentation, which is essential for our quality management ISO 9001:2015.


What does Paul like do in his spare time?

Walking my dog Alfie, gardening and watching classic sci-fi films.



3 things you like, and 1 thing you dislike?

I like music, collecting first edition books and strawberries. I dislike nuts and dried fruit.

✅🎵📚🍓  ❎🥜


Best thing about working at Spectronic CamSpec?

The variety – one day I can be in a cleanroom hospital, and the next day I can be in a salt mine lab!



A Day in the Life of Paul

Despite my official working day starting at 8:30am, my start time varies from day to day depending on which part of the UK I’m going to. Sometimes I’m on the road as early as 5am!

Depending on customer’s requirements and how much work there is to do on site, I commute straight from home to the customer, or from the office in Leeds if I need to grab any test equipment first.

Most of my mornings are spent in the car, travelling to site. I occasionally stop for breakfast and enjoy being out on the road.

Some customers require me to do an induction before site entry, these can last anything from 15 minutes up to 3 hours, so managing my time and planning my day is very important! I can then get on with pre-checking, cleaning and calibrating the instruments.

Some sites are quite remote, and facilities can change from year to year, so for lunch I always take a pack-up, just in case!

In the afternoon I post-check all the instruments, ensure they pass, and organise paperwork (i.e. service reports and calibration certificates) for the customer to sign off the instrument.

After a hard day’s work, I commute home and have some well-earned rest.

Get in touch...

You can reach Paul directly at [email protected] for technical queries.

For other queries, our friendly and knowledgeable team are always willing to offer a helping hand.  If you have any comments, queries or concerns please do not hesitate to give us a call!