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Electrode Type Number

Sample Type PI10/LAB † P11 P11HA P12 P13 P14 P15 P16 P17 P18 P19 P20
Agar √ 
Alkalines (high)  √ 
Beer √               
Blood Products   √       
Bread, Dough                
Cement  √  √  √
Cosmetics  √  √    √    √      
Dairy Products  √    √          √    
Education  √ √             √      
Fats/Cream  √                      
Field Use    √          √
Fish Products  √                    √  
Lab Flasks  
Low Ionic  √          
Meat, Cheese      √
Micro Samples    √
Paint  √            
Soil    √
Test Tubes            
Tris Buffer  √                √
Viscose Samples   
 = Good for this application

Custom Electrochemical Sensors, Custom Electrodes

Within the company, we have an enthusiastic special products department. The staff in this area are experienced, competent people who relish a challenge. If you do not see what you require within the standard electrode range, please ask! We will help in any way we can.