Quest ATR Accessory


The Quest ATR Accessory is a performance single-reflection ATR accessory designed for laboratory spectroscopic sample analysis in the mid- and far-infrared.

With innovative optical design and durable monolithic diamond ATR crystal option, this sets the benchmark in performance and value for ATR spectroscopy.

High-throughput single reflection ATR.

Interchangeable crystal pucks.

Pressure tower for repeatable load application.

All-reflective optics for wide spectral range.

Interchangeable ATR-FTIR crystal pucks

Various interchangeable ATR crystal pucks are available for the Quest.

The Quest ATR FTIR accessory uses easy-to-remove pucks with diamond, extended range diamond, Germanium, ZnSe, Silicon and Specular Reflectance crystals.

  • High throughput diamond
  • Extended wavelength diamond
  • ZnSe
  • Ge
  • Silicon
  • Specular Reflectance
  • Arrow


Material Range (cm-1) Refractive index Depth of penetration* (µm)
Diamond (standard)7800-400

Diamond (extended range) 10000-10

ZnSe 7800-5002.41
Ge 5500-4804.00
Si 8000-1350;
3.41 0.9
Arrow™ silicon wafer

Heated puck

The Heated Puck enables high temperature measurements up to 110 °C, perfect for analysis of phase changes in soaps, food stuffs, and other multi-phase systems. A highly sensitive 4-wire RTD sensor is used for temperature measurement, while control is provided by a compact USB interface and a free PC-based software app.

The heated puck is available with either a high throughput diamond ATR crystal or a ZnSe crystal.

Pucks for easy liquid sampling

Liquid pucks have a raised surface around the crystal, forming a bowl to confine samples on the crystal. This is useful for samples with low viscosity or prone to evaporation.  The bowl has a volume of approximately 100 µL.

The pressure tower

The Quest™ has a pressure tower which allows a clamping load of up to 40 lbs to be applied to solid samples to ensure full contact with the crystal. The tower gives an audible click when its pre-set load has been reached.

Flow anvil

The flow anvil enables samples to be flowed over the crystal at low flow rates and low pressures using a syringe. It has an internal volume of 28 µL and is held in place with the pressure tower.

Compatible with measurement standards

Method Number
Determination of Biodiesel by FTIR-ATR-PLS ASTM D7371

Quest ATR accessory reviews

"We have been testing liquids, powders (deposits) and plastics with absolutely no problems for the last 3 years" – Marco Nunes of Cariri


"Of particular note is the use of all-reflective optics and the availability of an extended-range diamond option" – Philip Ash of University of Oxford


"These diamond ATR units are practically indestructible and  extremely easy to clean and can be swapped out for liquid or gas cells very easily" – Susan Gannon of University of Glasgow

"Perfect for organic chemistry practicals" – Peter Brien of Trinity College Dublin


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