Natural Gas Industrial RA-915AMNG Mercury Analyser


RA-915AMNG monitors are designed for continuous mercury measurements in a natural gas stream and are ideal for permanent unattended installation at the gas monitoring stations.

RA-915AMNG monitor for natural gas allows direct rapid analysis of mercury in natural gas, enables prompt reaction to variations of mercury concentrations in the stream, monitoring of the MRU units and other applications.

The RA-915AMNG monitor requires very little maintenance and attention from the plant personnel (service may be done during maintenance shutdown) and requires no reagents/consumables for operation (only filters and lamp require periodic replacement during planned maintenance).

The remote data transfer makes it possible to connect the monitor to data collection systems via RS232, Modbus, and analogue output.

Features and Benefits

  • Direct continuous measurements
  • Low detection limit and wide range of measurement
  • Highest selectivity
  • Long-term calibration stability
  • No chemicals, carrier and zero gases
  • Automatic zero drift and span correction
  • Automatic recalculation to standard conditions
  • Auto control and preventive maintenance functions
  • Robustness and low maintenance
  • Customised configuration



The RA-915AMNG monitors are designed for indoor operation or installation in climate controlled cabinets. The monitors can be installed in standard 19 inch rack.


Technical Specifications
Treated Gas Range ITreated Gas Range IIRaw Gas
Measurement range0–2 000 ng/m30–20 000 ng/m30–2 000 µg/m3
Detection limit1–5 ng/m3100 ng/m30.5–1 µg/m3
Averaging interval5 minOptional > 2 sec
Zero drift correctionAutomatic
Span drift correctionAutomatic
Sampling gas condition
Gas pressureAtmospheric (+/-20%)
Flow rate4–10 lpm0.5–10 lpm
Gas humidityDew point < 10 °C
Gas temperature+1 to +40 °C
Concentration of Н2S≤ 50 mg/m3≤ 200 mg/m3≤ 1000 mg/m3
Concentration of benzene≤ 10 mg/m3≤ 200 mg/m3≤ 2000 mg/m3
Concentration of mercaptans≤ 50 mg/m3≤ 200 mg/m3≤ 1000 mg/m3
Concentration of aromatic compounds≤ 200 mg/m3≤ 2000 mg/m3≤ 10000 mg/m3
Data communication
Communication ports4-20 mA current loop; 2 USB; RS 232; LAN
Communication protocolsStandard: GESYTEC protocol, Modbus
Status outputsWORK, SERVICE
Dimensions, Weight, Power requirements
Power110/220 V, 50/60 Hz; 120 VA
Dimensions600 x 480 x 220 mm
Weight20 kg

Principle of Operation

Atomic absorption with Zeeman background correction.


Equipment and Options

RA-915AMNG Air Mercury Monitor.

On request monitors may be equipped with a flow switching device for multiple sampling points.


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