RA-915M Mercury Analyser

The mercury analyser RA-915M is a unique all-purpose high sensitivity analytical instrument for measuring mercury, especially for the real time detection of mercury vapor in air, mercury detection in water, natural and stack gases, oil and condensate, solid and sediments, foodstuff and so on.
RA-915M Mercury Analyser is a portable multifunctional atomic absorption spectrometer with Zeeman background correction, which eliminates the effect of interfering impurities.
It is the only high sensitivity and selectivity instrument that does not require gold amalgam pre-concentration and subsequent regeneration steps.
This enables the user to conduct real time monitoring and detection of mercury vapor.

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Features and Benefits

  • Simple to operate, fully automated, self validating analyzer;
  • Rugged/Versatile design for laboratory and field mobile conditions;
  • Ultra low detection limit and highest selectivity;
  • Real-time operation mode for air and gases;
  • Direct determination of mercury in liquid and solid matrices within 60 seconds (attachment required). No sample preparation, no use of hazardous chemicals or bottled gases ;
  • Built-in performance verification test cell and auto zero function;
  • Wide dynamic measuring range (four orders of magnitude);
  • Controlled by a keypad or a computer via USB interface;
  • Data logger for 122 hrs of data acquisition, averaging, and storage;
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours operation


Being combined with an RP-92 Cold Vapor accessory for water and PYRO-915+ pyrolysis attachment for solid sample testing, the instrument is designed to determine mercury content in ambient air, water, soil, natural and stack gases, dental and medical testing and diagnostics, analysis of food and marine life, etc., the mercury detection limits being as low as 0.5 ng/m3 in air and 0.5 ng/l in water.


Analytical Characteristics 

MatrixDetection limitSamplingAnalysis technique
Ambient air0.5 ng/m310 l/minDirect
Natural gas2-500 ng/m31-10 l/minDirect with gas kit
Water0.5 ng/l1-20 mlCold vapor
Urine0.2 µg/l1-5 mlCold vapor
Solid samples (soils, rocks, sediments)0.5 µg/kg10-300 mgPyrolysis
Sorbent traps for stack gases0.5 ng*Pyrolysis
Solid samples (solids, rocks, sediments)0.5 µg/kg10-400 mgPyrolysis
Water and solutions1 µg/l10-200 µlPyrolysis
Coal1 µg/kg10-300 mgPyrolysis
Biological samples (tissues, liver, blood, hair, etc.)1-5 µg/kg10-300 mgPyrolysis
Oil and oil products1-5 µg/kg10-200 mgPyrolysis
Plants0.5-5 µg/kg10-400 mgPyrolysis
Foodstuff0.5-3 µg/kg10-400 mgPyrolysis

Principle of Operation

Atomic absorption spectrometry at 254 nm with Zeeman correction for background absorption for interference-free measurement.



Analyser can be used in combination with solid and liquid matrix analysis attachments:

RP-92 attachment for liquid sample analysis (Cold vapor method);

PYRO-915+ attachment for liquid and solid samples analysis (Thermal decomposition method without sample pre-treatment and thermoscanning option).

Delivery Set

RA-915M portable Zeeman mercury analyser comes with the RAPID software, charger, shoulder bag, intake hose/filter, mercury filter, cables, manuals.


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Technical Specifications

Dimensions460x220x110 mm
Weight7 kg
Power supply- 220/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
- Built-in battery
Power consumptionMax. 50 W
Analysis time
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