TM-2 Texture Press


Measure maturity and texture in a variety of foods with extreme accuracy and ease.

FTC offers the Model TM-2 Texture Press for texture measurements such as peak firmness and calculated work/energy in shear, bend or break texture tests.

These instruments incorporate many new features such as one-button Auto Cycle operation and work calculations.

Backed by 50 years' experience in texture measurement and application development.

Spectronic CamSpec provides a version of this instrument which is designed specifically for measuring the tenderness of fresh green peas.

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Automatic Calculations
The TM-2 Texture press instrument will automatically calculate and update ‘peak’ or highest force readings incurred during a test. The integral function automatically calculates the ‘area under the curve’, equivalent to work/energy performed on the sample.


Simply load the sample and press ‘START’. The system will provide an easy-to-read digital display directly in newtons [N], pounds of force [lbf] or Tenderometer units [TR]. Work (energy) measurements are displayed in either joules [J] or inch-pounds [in.lbf].


Durable, rugged and reliable
Designed to withstand harsh environments, the TM-2 will perform in harsh conditions with a minimum of maintenance. Plus, the unit is easy to operate and almost no training is required. FTC texture management systems have been in continuous operation in production environments for more than 50 years.


Profit and savings
Processors worldwide are using the TM-2 to determine harvesting dates, ‘Buy on Grade,’ and to predict finished quality. With profits at stake, a point or two off the standard can be very costly. Accurate readings can save
thousands of pounds a day for a medium to large operation, and quickly pay back the initial investment. Spectronic CamSpec offers a yearly calibration service to maintain accuracy.


Standard features
Every unit comes with the ‘Auto Cycle’ one-button operation,
the industry standard CS-1 Kramer Shear Compression Test
Cell and your choice of any one model FTA loadcell.


Test Cells

Model CS-1
Kramer Standard Shear Compression Cell
The Model CS-1 standard shear compression cell has been accepted for almost two decades as the universal standard for making objective measurements of the relative tenderness, softness and similar mouth-feel properties of most food products.

The cell is used throughout the world to grade the textural properties of food products from apples to ground beef and dog food to pickles and courgettes.

Many FTC cells can be used to customise the TM-2 for specific customer applications. Please contact Spectronic CamSpec for additional information about our comprehensive line of test cells and food product instruments.

Technical Specifications

Stroke speedFactory pre-set to your specification
Maximum force13kN (3000 lbf) Others capacities available by special request
Display unitsMetric (SI) units; newtons [N] or imperial units (pounds of force [lbf])
Power120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz
Dimensions610mm x 610mm x 915mm (24 x 24 x 36 inches)
Weight73kg (160 lb)
FeaturesSplash-proof design
Auto-cycle one-button operation
Supplied as standardIntegral calculation of work done (energy); joules [J] or (inch-pounds; [in.lbf])
Supplied with• TX splashproof texture press
• TG-4E texture gage
• FTA loadcell (specify capacity on purchase)
• CS-1 standard test cell

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