CamSpec Spectrophotometers

High performing equipment for sample analysis in the UV and Visible ranges.


FTIR Spectrometers

High performing spectrometers for sample analysis in the Infrared range.


Flame Photometers

Innovative, word leading digital flame photometers.  Microprocessor based instruments bringing flame photometry into the 21st century.


Mercury Analysers

Determine the mercury content of samples.  Widely used within the oil and gas industries.


Texture Analysers

Measurement systems to determine the texture of samples, typically used in the food industry.  Vast range of accessories to choose from.



Specifically designed for the pea process, this instrument can measure grains and legumes in bulk, providing a reading in industry standard TR units that correlate directly with pea maturity grades.



Wide range of electrochemical testing equipment including conductivity meters and dissolved oxygen meters.