Texture Analysers


Food Technology Corporation’s TMS texture analysers are standalone systems which use software control (Texture Lab Touch or Texture Lab Pro) to perform a variety of texture tests.  They are complete texture measurement systems, based on the principle of the universal testing machine, specifically designed to perform texture analysis.  They also have the ability to program and automate custom test procedures and accept a large selection of fixtures and load cells.

Texture Analysers

Texture Analyser TMS-Pro

Flagship of the texture analyser line, backed by 50 years experience in food texture measurement.  Computer-controlled, comprehensive and flexible. Designed as an affordable alternative to the very high priced test systems offered by competitors.


Texture Analyser TMS-Touch

Touch screen console operated, rapid and secure.  Designed for quick and easy food texture testing in the laboratory or on the factory floor for instant results.  Requires minimal training and saves time, resources and money.


Texture Analyser TMS-Pilot

Touch screen console operated, designed with the budget-conscious in mind, making it an affordable and portable texture analyser for determining a variety of foods and their texture characteristics.


TM-2 Texture Press

Measure maturity and texture in a variety of foods with extreme accuracy and ease.


TU Tenderometer for Peas

Measure maturity and texture of peas with extreme accuracy and ease.

Texture Analyser Extras


A range of accessories are available including load cells and fixtures for increased laboratory automation and specific texture testing methods.



For limitless texture measurement potential, where both test flexibility and more detailed result information is required, using a software based texture analyser is highly recommended.

Texture Analysis Further Information

Texture Analyser Test Methods

There are seven fundamental methods which form the basis of the mechanical testing for sensory texture attributes. These test types replicate all possible interactions between a consumer - or production processing or handling equipment - and the product itself.


Texture Analyser Industries

The range of texture analysis applications is flexible enough to be applied to any product for which the physical texture is a significant factor in quality and customer acceptance. Valuable texture measurement and analysis is applicable to all food sectors and other industries.


Texture Analyser Applications

We have carried out a number of case studies for the various industries and applications for which we supply food texture analysers.  They are detailed here for your perusal.