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Preventative Maintenance

Spectronic CamSpec are specialists in the preventative maintenance of a wide range of UV/Visible, IR, FT-IR and AA spectrometers, Electro-chemical instruments, Mercury analysers, Flame photometers, Polarimeters, Refractometers and Food texture analysers.

Electro-chemical instruments include pH meters, Conductivity meters, ION analysers, Colorimeters, Turbidimeters and Dissolved oxygen meters.

Our engineers are well known to many laboratory managers in the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, educational, chemical, research and healthcare fields.

The company obtained BS 5750 (Certificate No: 2402) approval in 1993 this was re-issued on the 12/March/2018 -2022  for BS EN ISO 9001: 2015.  The company has a fully supported administration centre with a real commitment to the effective management of our customers' needs.

Consider the following advantages of using our contract service facilities:

  • Professional engineers, fully qualified and trained for the equipment serviced.
  • 48 hour response for contract customers (out-of-hours if required at extra cost).
  • Technical staff always available to discuss your service/application requirements.
  • Wide range of makes/models maintained - detailed service reports supplied.
  • All test equipment and materials used are traceable to international standards.
  • Calibration certificates (Calcerts) are available to meet international standards.
  • Genuine manufacturers' spare parts used unless an alternative of higher quality is available.
  • All spares purchased from accredited suppliers - CE compliant where applicable.
  • Comprehensive stock of consumable items held for most makes - following day delivery.
  • Extensive public and product liability insurance policies maintained.
  • Complete audit trail - all instrument histories are retained.
  • Used by a number of leading instrument manufacturers to carry out their warranty work.
  • All engineers are familiar with current health and safety requirements.
  • All engineers carry their own regulatory safety equipment and protective clothing.
  • Our operating procedures and service method systems are rigidly maintained and regularly upgraded.
  • Very competitive rates - lower overheads = lower service charges - quantity discounts available.
  • Breakdown service scheme - no hidden/minimum charges - travel and time on site only.



Analytical instrument errors can be expensive.

A spectrophotometer, pH meter, conductivity meter, any instrument that is giving inaccurate readings may be costing you money, or worse. Calibration certificates are available to meet international requirements.

Our calibration will give you both confidence in your equipment and peace of mind.

  • We calibrate instruments when we carry out preventative maintenance. The standards we use are all certificated to International standards.
  • Calibration is carried out when we supply an instrument whilst it is being tested prior to despatch.
  • Calibrated standards are used during all service procedures.


Breakdown Service

Breakdown service by Spectronic CamSpec is carried out on a wide range of analytical instruments. Included are UV-Visible, Infra red and AA spectrophotometers.

Also included are pH meters, conductivity meters, ION analysers, mercury analysers, polarimeters, refractometers and flame photometers. Our engineers are well known to many laboratory managers in the petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, educational, chemical, research and healthcare fields.



Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification is available for all instruments. Please have your instrument specifications when requesting IQ OQ PQ.

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