Mark Brereton




Mark Brereton
Managing Director

Mark's father Eric set up the business in 1971, employing Mark in 1986 as a service engineer. He was later trained in sales then took on the role of Managing Director in 2009.

Hear from Mark

Hi! I’m Mark, and I'm the managing director of Spectronic CamSpec. I manage all of the departments, utilising my expertise in both sales and service of analytical instruments. Some of my responsibilities at Spectronic include:

  • Overseeing the day to day operation of the company
  • Main role is in the sales side of the business
  • Plan strategies to move the business forward by the way of opportunities and additions
  • Overseeing investment and employment


What does Mark like do in his spare time?

Golfing, caravaning all over the UK and abroad, spendng time with the family, especially my new grandaughter.



3 things you like, and 1 thing you dislike?

I like socialising, music of all genres (but especially rock) and walking. I dislike worrying -Β nothing was ever gained by worrying about something that you have no control over.

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Best thing about working at Spectronic CamSpec?

Fish and Chip Friday!



A Day in the Life of Mark

I start work every morning at 8am and I begin the day by getting caught up with my emails, answering queries and following up sales leads.

At lunch, I stay in the office and eat with some of my fellow colleagues. Any sandwich will do (as long as it's large) and on Fridays we have fish and chips. Yum!

In the afternoons I look at ways to push the business forward, by evaluating opportunities and risks. I do this with the help of my colleagues and occasionally get insight from hired consultants, to give me a push in the right direction.

I get home from work at about 17:15, but on some evenings I return to the office for a couple more hours if it's an especially busy week. A managing director's work is never finished!

Get in touch...

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